Why More Than Money℠?

Differentiate your business from the noisy crowd

Attract multiple generations of successful families

Deliver unquantifiable value to successful families

Decades of research and experience efficiently offered in a three step coaching program

Step 1


$495 One time fee
Enjoy results fast

Quick start experienced coaching course enabling you to engage clients within weeks.

Step 2

MTM360Coaching Program

$6000* One time fee

Customized proven coaching on marketing, technical and best practices (includes private labeled marketing materials).

Step 3


$195** monthly

Unlimited advisor and client access to our proprietary MTM360 technology platform.

* A preferred advisor discount is available for our strategic partners, participating broker dealers and RIAs
** Additional family usage fee as clients engage. Cancel anytime. No long-term contract.

Step One: MTMEdge

No one would consider purchasing a luxury vehicle without taking it for a test drive. This is precisely the purpose of MTMEdge℠ – to determine if More Than Money® advising is right for your practice. In four coaching sessions, our advisors gain a marketing advantage with the MTMEdge℠ Coaching Program. Aspida360® will set you up for success by elevating your credibility, differentiating your business, increasing qualified referrals and engaging more ideal prospects, clients and valuable centers of influence (COIs).  

More specifically, each coaching session includes:

  • The MTM Conversation: Learn the foundational principles with our proven MTM Talking Points, data, research, common questions and email approach PDFs.
  • The Marketing Materials: Receive elegant one-page marketing materials detailing the benefits of MTM360℠ for families and COIs. You will receive one PDF specifically written for HNW prospects/clients and a separate one for valuable COIs.
  • The Assessment Dashboard: Engage your prospects, clients and COIs with The Wealth Transfer Preparedness Assessment, a proprietary technology of Aspida360®. Email our 40-question assessment to prospects, clients and COIs and review results specific to their families.
  • Client Testimonials and Case Studies: Advisors receive a Client Testimonials PDF with nine quotes from multiple generations of active MTM360℠ clients, actual case studies to engage COIs and guidance on how to make MTM360℠ a profit source.

Experienced coaching, elegant marketing materials and a digital client deliverable included for a one-time investment of $495

“Finally we have a deliverable that is efficient, effective, and process oriented.”

“Our firm has been an early adopter of the “More than Money℠” style of family conversation, but it wasn’t until we incorporated MTM360℠ digital technology platform into our process of preparing heirs that we felt we had a foundation for a successful, enduring, scalable solution for both ourselves as thought leaders, and for our client families. Finally we have a deliverable that is efficient, effective, and process oriented in dealing with families who desire to lean into a ‘legacy’ mindset within their family.”

Phil Barnhill, Founder—Story Family Institute

Step Two: MTM360℠

Our founders have engaged numerous families over the decades and have now detailed every successful step into The MTM360℠ Customized Coaching Program for qualified advisors. The MTM360℠ program is customized by you and for you, exclusively. Only engage in the coaching modules that are of most interest to you, and have them provided on a time schedule most convenient for you.

Advisor Benefits:

  • Mastering “The MTM℠ Conversation” and instantly increasing credibility
  • Positioning yourself as a respected thought leader immediately
  • How to attract ideal clients and valuable centers of influence (COI’s) to you
  • Differentiating yourself from the big, noisy crowd and getting noticed
  • Step by step guidance for building unbreakable multi-generational relationships and a more stable business
  • Step by step guidance for increasing the quality and frequency of warm referrals to more ideal clients
  • Gain access to a comprehensive digital platform that provides you with an instant competitive advantage

Experienced, proven coaching technique, customized to your interests and provided on your time schedule

“MTM360℠ is the answer I have been searching years for.”

HNW families are concerned about wealth transfer and most believe their net worth is “More Than Money℠”. MTM360℠
addresses both from the palm of your hand.”

Steve Alms—Family Officer Advisor

Step Two: MTM360℠
Customized Coaching

  • Private-labeled book, “The Endangered Family,” with you as a co-author to give prospects, clients, etc.
  • Prospecting, marketing and presentation materials
  • Private-labeled brochures with your photo, logo, and contact information
  • Best practices from experienced advisors
  • How to most efficiently onboard new clients and start off on the right foot
  • Organizing, hosting and facilitating a successful family meeting
  • Detailed, expert coaching on all five MTM360℠ projects addressing core values, family legacy, education, philanthropy and governance
To continue with MTM360℠ advisors must successfully complete the MTMEdge℠ coaching program.

The only customized coaching process to differentiate your business, attract multiple generations of successful families and deliver an elite client experience

“The MTM360℠ Team does a great job with private-labeled marketing materials, training and ongoing support.”

“MTM360℠ lets you grow your business as much as you want. It differentiates you from competitors with a truly unique offering to attract mass affluent to UHNW families. I’ve signed up and couldn’t be more pleased. The MTM360℠ Team does a great job with private-labeled marketing materials, training and ongoing support.”

Max Bolka- Financial Services Industry Speaker, Author & Mentor

Research clearly shows that families seek advisors to teach heirs about family legacy, philanthropy and that financial wealth is a social responsibility.

– Mindscape Study

Step Three: MTMNavigator℠

MTMNavigator℠ empowers advisors to offer clients a digital system to define, protect, perpetuate and communicate core values, family legacy, traditions, philanthropy and impactful life experiences while strengthening family unity.

Expand your value to prospects and clients by offering a time-efficient, guided, digital system to prepare families for multigenerational success. You will now be able to differentiate your business, attract multiple generations of successful families and deliver an elite client experience.

What was once a missed opportunity, is now a massive opportunity for only $195* a month

MTMNavigator℠ provides advisors with the following benefits:

  • Scale your core business
  • Eliminate competition
  • Joint work available with our Founders
  • Build and deepen relationships with all generations of the family
  • Market to existing, warm relationships
  • Increase residual revenues
  • Expand the paradigm of your client relationships
  • Extend the duration of your fee-based engagements
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Attract and retain additional 5M+ families

Bringing it all together℠

Many families believe their net worth is More Than Money℠ and seek to transfer these intangible assets as an inheritance, but fail to do so at a high rate. Advisors are missing an enormous opportunity by not being able to offer a More Than Money℠ experience to successful families, but you can change that.

We have done it for decades and can show you how in a simple, elegant and effective coaching process.

Take the first step to differentiate your business, attract multiple generations of successful families and deliver an elite client experience: