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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard a lot about “governance” as the key to family education.  Can you comment?

What part can I play in helping the family’s transition of wealth?

How does a Family Advancement & Sustainability Trust qualify as a “Values Based Trust?”

What are the risks associated with multi-generational wealth transfer?

How can I bring additional value to my best clients without taking my eye off the ball?

What needs to be done to make “More Than Money”  wealth management become mainstream?

How does transparency build trust within a family?

What makes you different from other family facilitation organizations?

Are we about to undertake a FAMdemic?

I’m doing a good job handling my client’s wealth, what more do they expect?

I’ve heard of FinTech, what else is there?

Should I be thinking about what my client’s want?

How easy is it to get started with “more than money” wealth management?

How can I improve my referability?

Are you really taking care of the top 10% of your client base?

How do I juggle adding family facilitation to my schedule?